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these are the proper hallmarks 24 Karat Gold - 24K or 999 22 Karat Gold - 22K or 917 21 Karat Gold - 21K or 875 18 Karat Gold - 18K or 750 14 Karat Gold - 14K ...

Meaning of gold hallmarks & stamps 18K 14K 10K 9K 9CT | eBay


Carat Karat Gold…What those stamps and numbers mean. Is it K or ct or just a 3 digit number? The 'ct' is interchangeable with 'K' for karat. I'm from Australia so ...

Gold Hallmark Identification Wizard - Gold Traders


Do you have a piece of gold jewellery and would like to know more information about it? Gold-Traders has compiled a gold hallmark identification wizard to help  ...



A hallmark is a mark or number of marks, made on gold, silver or platinum jewellery or plate to confirm that its quality is up to the correct legal standard.

What does 925 inside a ring mean? | Reference.com


A 925 stamp inside a silver-colored ring means the ring is made of sterling silver, but inside a gold-colored ring, it means the ring is made of Vermeil, which is ...

How to Find The Purity of Gold and Silver Jewelry


Helpful hints for finding the purity of your gold, silver, sterling silver and platinum ... being used and 14ct, 18ct or 9ct... as a purity stamp instead of 14K, 18K or 9K.

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Nov 4, 2015 ... The 10 carat gold could bear a stamp 10K, 10ct, 10Kt (all meaning ten carat) or else a stamp .... I have a ring that is stamped 975 on the inside.

Vintage Mexican Silver Hallmarks- A Beginner's Guide | eBay


Have you ever wondered about the letters, numbers or pictures on the back of Mexican Sterling Silver Jewelry? These marks are referred to as hallmarks or ...

What Is Sterling Silver : 8000+ Sterling Silver Charms - Jewellery ...


Guide To Sterling Silver, Hallmarks, Millesimal Marks, Makers Marks and The Law ... in millesimal form, i.e., in parts per thousand and on Sterling Silver is .925 and 9ct Gold is .375. ... In addition some pieces carried; a fineness mark, i.e. 975.

Identifying Authentic PANDORA Products | PANDORA


A maker's mark is a US term for a stamp indicating the origin of jewelry. The standard marker's mark on PANDORA jewelry is "ALE", which stands for Algot ...

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What Does "925" Mean When Printed on Gold Jewelry?


Many people think that a stamp reading “925” on gold jewelry means that the piece contains 925/1000 gold, or in other words, it has 92.5% gold content.

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Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Makers' Marks. ... Our forum has an ongoing project to identify Italian silverware and jewelry manufacturers by  ...

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Gold Hallmarks - Identifying the hallmarks on gold jewellery, caratage (karatage) and purity of gold.