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A silver groat from the reign of Edward I of England (1272–1307). The groat is the traditional name of a long-defunct English silver coin worth four English ...

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Pictures of Four Pence Coins. ... Pictures of Coins of the UK. by Tony Clayton ... Fourth coinage Pre-Treaty Period (1351-1361) Series D Groat, London Mint

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Values of Coins of UK - Fourpence or Groat. ... to the condition grades of the coins. A guide to evaluating grades is found on my UK Coin Values Index page.

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Edward I Groat. By the time of Edward I (1272-1307), the only coin in common circulation in England was the silver penny. The French had successfully ...

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Obverse and reverse of Edward I groat struck at 89 grains. Longman's dictionary defines the groat thus: "Noun, a former British coin worth four pence". Longman ...

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Silver Groat of Queen Victoria 1838-1855. The Victoria Groat or four pence always brings a look of surprise from collectors. It is a misconception that they are  ...

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A Short History of English Coins

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Celtic roots. The first coins used in Britain were imported from the Belgica, a Celtic tribe from Northern France. These were copies of the gold stater coin of Philip ...

Coinage in the time of Richard II (1367-1400) (medieval coins)


Gold and silver coins of Richard II (London, British Museum) ... and 8 pence); Gold quarter-noble (1 shilling and 8 pence); Silver groat (4 pence); Silver penny.

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These coins were minted in silver during the medieval period and usually carry a face-on ... groats of Edward III from the his fourth coinage, pre-treaty period are ...

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Richard II (1377-99), Groat, London Mint, facing crowned... More details. ... Henry VI, First Reign (1422-1461), Groat, Calais Mint,. .... Email: coins@baldwin.co.uk ...

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GREAT BRITAIN UK 1679 4 PENCE GROAT SILVER COIN. $54.00 ... 1855 Great Britain Queen Victoria Silver Groat - four pence Scarce coin low mint. $8.99 .

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Jan 20, 2013 ... british coin values,british coins value,british coins,old british coins ... England- King-Edward-I-Groat-Penny-Type-Coinage-1272-1307-Page-1-.