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A gene is a locus (or region) of DNA which is made up of nucleotides and is the molecular unit of heredity. <sup>:Glossary</sup> The transmission of genes to an organism's offspring ...

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The DNA code for one hereditary trait is called a gene.

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The genetic code is the sum of our genes, or small coding regions of DNA, ... after his death, he determined how traits were passed from one generation to the next ... trait during a process called gene expression, a process that will produce the ...

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The sequence of DNA bases codes for the amino acid sequence of proteins. ... Each gene is a segment of DNA that carries instructions for producing the chainlike molecules that ... Hybrid - An organism that has heterozygous alleles ( or genes) for one or more traits. ... Mendel, Gregor - So-called "father of modern genetics".

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HEREDITY'S ALPHABET consists of four letters represented by the nucleotide ... In practice, active stretches of DNA must be copied as a similar message molecule called RNA. ... of DNA, helped us to understand this "Central Dogma" of heredity--that the DNA code turns into ... 1 hour ago — Calla Cofield and SPACE. com.

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a large organic molecule that stores the genetic code for the synthesis of proteins . ... Approximately 1 in 700 females are carriers of the gene for this trait. .... This disease is also called Huntington's chorea click this icon to hear the preceding ...

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The traits of a human being, for example, are based on the expression of ... The 46 chromosomes in our cells are made of the chemical substance called deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA. There is a ... Every gene in the DNA codes for one protein.

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A gene is a segment of DNA containing the code used to synthesize a protein. ... Some traits are caused by abnormal genes that are inherited or that are the ... The steps of the staircase consist of pairs of four types of molecules called ... Proteins are composed of a long chain of amino acids linked together one after another.

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A gene or locus that has more than one common allele is called a polymorphism. ... Congenital A trait or disorder that is present from birth; may be due to genes ... DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) The molecule that contains the genetic code for all ...

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Asexually reproducing organisms normally pass on this genetic code ... An inherited trait of an individual can be determined by one genes, but is ... Changes in the sequence of the DNA molecule and therefore the gene are called mutations.

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The small regions that code for proteins are called genes, and proteins are responsible ... The genetic code dictates which proteins the cell manufactures. ... an enzyme complex to an appropriate spot on one of the organism's chromosomes.

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A gene is a segment of DNA that is passed down from parents to children and confers a trait to the offspring. Genes are organized and packaged in units called “chromosomes. ... One set of chromosomes for each pair comes from a person's mother, and ... tutorials on DNA, genes, chromosomes, protein, heredity, and traits.

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... that genes correspond to one or more DNA sequences that carry the coding information ... which he called traits, were passed down to successive generations. ... that carried the information about these traits from one generation to the next.