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Tickling is the act of touching a part of a body in a way that causes involuntary twitching .... with this idea, University of Iowa psychiatrist Donald W. Black observed that most ticklish spots are found in the same places as the protective reflexes.


Those three spots plus the armpits and feet seem to be the most ticklish spots on a person. Also, if your girl has a belly button piercing, ...

Aug 13, 2016 ... I was when a female doctor laid me down,. Lifted up my shirt ... Show less. Loading autoplay when autoplay is renees ticklish spot! duration .


So, surprising or not, here's the top 10 ticklish spots on the body according to an ... I have very ticklish breast and my boyfriend loves to tickle me there all the time.


Never experience but I could imagine if a girl with long nails tried this on me! - Curti2594M+1. O my gosh. My lower back is THE most ticklish spot ever.M+1.


Her eyes roll back, her tongue hangs out and she kicks one leg like mad when you scratch that magical spot. Finding your dog's tickle spot takes a little ...


#tickle spot. Top Definition. choata. The part of the male anatomy between the balls and the anus. Last night was awesome, she even licked my choata!


If you've ever scratched your pup in a particularly sensitive spot and he reacts by kicking his legs or making some laughter-like sounds, you may have found his ...


Aug 24, 2016 ... Like their human counterparts, the belly is a go-to spot for a quality tickle. Other spots include the chest, right between the front legs; the belly; ...