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This is the official version of the "perfect" breed specimen and should be the starting place .... Healthy stud dogs may remain sexually active and fertile to old age.


Most experts recommend that a female dog reach at least two years of age before .... hip, elbow, and knee x-rays as appropriate for the breed;; blood and DNA ...


May 15, 2006 ... What age can I stud out my dog? ... You can't complete the most basic of breeding related health screening until the ... Great T-Shirts and More


... your dog. As any good breeder will tell you, breeding from your dog or bitch may ... Would I be able to find good homes for the puppies? • Am I in a position to take ... The dam has already reached the age of 8 years at the date of whelping, ...


Nov 8, 2016 ... Hello, my name is Ashley and I have a 16 month of German Shepherd named Mara. The breeder said if I bred her with one of his other dogs in ...


Never breed a dam after 5 years old and before age 2. Even if your dog is in great shape, you are putting the mother dog and the unborn puppies at risk.


By the time you've picked out a good bitch, waited for her to grow old enough ( minimum age: two years before breeding), picked out the best dog to mate her ...


Nov 10, 2014 ... How old should your dog be before breeding, how many puppies do ... it is everyone's right to breed from their dog, and that most female dogs are better ... the age, health and attributes of your female dog, and consider how ...


Veterinarians and reputable breeders recommend waiting until a female dog is at least 1 to 2 years old and fully matured before breeding her. Male dogs can ...


The dog must be at least two years old--though they are often capable of breeding at a young age (6 months), it's not a good idea.