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The slope rating for a golf course of average difficulty is 113. ... for a maximum number of strokes per hole, for handicap ...


Apr 17, 2008 ... A Course Rating is determined by the cumulative length of holes, and ... On a course with a 72.0 rating, a 10-handicapper will score, on average, 82 to 88. ... handicaps 11-18, and bogeys on holes where the handicap is 1-10.


Explanations of the Golf Handicap Calculation, Course Handicaps, Score Probabilities, Slope and Rating, & more.


Aug 21, 2013 ... Your golf handicap index allows you to fairly compete with players of ... For example, imagine you played 9 holes on an 18-hole course with a rating of 72.3. ... Multiply the average by 0.96 to obtain your 9-hole handicap index.


I am curious as to what handicap is considered a good handicap, as I ... 0 is usually one putt difference or one club shot difference in 18 hole ...


The majority of 18 hole golf courses have a total par of around 72 strokes. ... The golf club then works out an average score and calculates your handicap ...


Averaging 8 strokes per hole, his score would be 144 on a regulation par-72 course. This score would be good in the sense it was the best he could achieve ...


According to the National Golf Foundation, the average 18-hole score for the ... to determine your handicap: (Your score minus course rating) times 113/slope ...


Mar 11, 2016 ... The vast majority of golfers today consider golf as an 18-hole game, but it ... golf course developments started popping up everywhere, the great majority of ... in the rules governing handicaps making 9-hole handicaps legal.


I just joined a club and already have 18-hole scores in my score file but my file ... the SCGA, what do I have to do to make sure my membership is good for 2014?