Did you mean: What Is A Good Way To Vandalize Someone's House Without Causing Damage?
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Egging refers to the act of throwing eggs at houses, cars, or people. Egging is a criminal ... Eggs are capable of causing damages when thrown at property and egging is considered vandalism in addit...

Ten Ways To Screw With Someone's Car - Jalopnik


Jul 6, 2010 ... Here's ten great ways to mess with someone's car without damaging it. How Would You Screw Up Someone's Car? ... I even came up with fried eggs, which would allow the humiliation of eggs without the damage caused by ...

Vandalizing a Car. | HYPEBEAST Forums


May 2, 2013 ... If you want to blast open all her car window without setting off an ... a broken window will sure cause a lot more headaches thinking about ... Also if you put sugar in the gas tank it would ruin her engine( EDIT:someone already posted ). 0 ... Good Vibes . .... And if you do more than a G in damage it's a felony.

Vandalism - FindLaw


... when a person destroys or defaces someone else's property without permission. ... damage to vehicles, and even damage or destruction of a person's website. ... may cause psychological or emotional damage to property owners as well.

What if I damage someone else′s property? – Askthejudge


While vandalism is the malicious or intentional act of damaging property, criminal damage does not require any intent and makes little difference whether it was ...

Harmless Car Pranks - Cars - LoveToKnow


If you want to keep your friends, stick with car tricks that won't damage the vehicle or ... You can get a good laugh out of putting window decals on your friend's car. ... about the victim's favorite sports teams, political affiliations, or personal causes. ... If you want to drive your friend crazy without hurting her vehi...

Theft and property damage | Victoria Legal Aid


Dec 17, 2013 ... Information about theft and property damage offences, and possible penalties. ... recklessly damaging property belonging to another person, causing ... It is a crime to purposely damage or destroy another person's property without their ... intending to steal something, damage property or assault someone) ...

Criminal Mischief | Criminal Law


Any time a person damages someone else's property without the owner's ... and one of them happens to go through the window causing damage, that's a crime.

How to Toilet Paper a House (with Pictures) - wikiHow


How to Toilet Paper a House. ... Get someone back for being mean? ... a good way to make sure you won't just lob the whole roll into the tree without it unraveling. .... driveways, because it can cause stains that might cause permanent damage.

How to Handle Angry Tenants Who Damage Your Property on ...


It's best to get an attorney for this action, and realize that the process can take a while to work its way through the courts. ... Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do to avoid situations like this when an angry tenant is set on causing destruction. ... This practice may entice struggling tenants to exit without damages i...

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I haven't decide if he deserves real damage or just something thats bothersome or ... Any ideas would be great, if nothing else to give me a laugh and let me blow off some steam. ... make it effortlessly from here https://tr.im/xxFKB Your way since , in the finish and without this expertise, ... It's vandalsim, but it causes no ...

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Oct 20, 2000 ... While they may sound fun or seem like a good way to get back at someone over something petty, many acts of vandalism are serious business.

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þáGâþ þárotherhood of Gíds and âetardsþ by MC5 "5 Ways to Kill a Car" ... property damage, death, dismemberment, or any other harm caused by any idea's ... This one is a great for that person who thinks their car is the fastest, COoLest, etc., ... but there is another way to flaten someones tires without being as obvoius.