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A celestial body, as the sun or moon or an object that gives light; or, a person of eminence or brilliant achievement. From Old French luminarie or late Latin ...

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Luminary definition, a celestial body, as the sun or moon. See more.

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1 : a person of prominence or brilliant achievement. 2 : a body that gives light; especially : one of the celestial bodies. luminary. adjective. See luminary defined  ...

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a. An object, such as a celestial body, that gives light. b. In astrology, one of the brightest celestial objects, such as the sun, moon, or bright planets. 2. A person ...

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a person who inspires or influences others, especially on... Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.

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Although luminary can mean an object or celestial body that gives off light, you'll often hear people talk about parties at which there were many luminaries in ...

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3974. maor -- a luminary ... maor or maor or meorah or meorah. 3975 . a luminary . Transliteration: maor or maor or meorah or meorah Phonetic Spelling: ...

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If you refer to someone as a luminary, you mean that they are an expert in a particular subject or activity. [literary] ⇒ ...the political opinions of such luminaries as ...

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luminary definition, meaning, what is luminary: a person who is famous and important in a particular area of activity: . Learn more.

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The definition of a luminary is an object giving off light, or a personality that is well known or enlightening to mankind. An example of a luminary is a candle.

a celestial body, as the sun or moon.
a body, object, etc., that gives light.
a person who has attained eminence in his or her field or is an inspiration to others: one of the luminaries in the field of medical science.
of, relating to, or characterized by light.
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luminary | Define luminary at Dictionary.com
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