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The English language spoken and written in England encompasses a diverse range of accents .... From some time during the 19th century, middle and upper middle classes began to adopt affectations, including the RP accent, associated with ...


Estuary English is an English dialect or accent associated with South East England, especially ... The label actually refers to the lower middle-class accents, as opposed to working-class accents, of the Home Counties Modern Dialect area ".

Dec 22, 2013 ... Following an accent tag started by Jade Joddle and with contributions from other YouTube teachers. This is my accent with no particular ...
Sep 11, 2011 ... Honors English 12 Project on Middle English. ... I heard Middle English and American English has a lot in common, now I see I heard wrong.


Commentary for London ( RP ). Michelle speaks with an accent most of us would immediately associate with a middle-class background. Many of the vowel ...


An quick overview of the accents and dialects of the British Isles. ... had already developed independently from Northern Middle English for a few centuries.


Sociolects and dialects in England's Social classes ... Established middle class ... be considered as a working class, lower middle class and middle class accent.


Mar 19, 2014 ... You might think that Shakespeare spoke with a British accent. .... in it, the actual Middle English that the TV-Roanoke settlers are speaking does ...


Kentish was originally spoken over the whole southeastern part of England, including ... The Southern dialect of Middle English was spoken in the area west of ...