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A tool is any physical item that can be used to achieve a goal, especially if the item is not consumed in the process. Tool use by humans dates back millions of ...

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The 'what-are-you-even-doing-here' look is classified by a glare in the tool's direction and is usually accompanied by muttering of how big of a tool they are.

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When someone is called a tool, it indicates that they lack personal convictions, and generally go along with what they believe is expected of them without bo...

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This Internet Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of TOOL is. The slang word / acronym / abbreviation TOOL means... . Internet Slang. A list of ...

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Tool definition, an implement, especially one held in the hand, as a hammer, saw , or file, for performing or facilitating mechanical operations. See more.

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tool meaning, definition, what is tool: a piece of equipment that you use with your hands to make or repair something: . Learn more.

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Oct 19, 2011 ... In this MSO question, the author refers to himself as sounding like a "tool". What does this mean? Specifically, the way it is used in the linked ...

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A device, such as a saw, shovel, or drill, used to perform or facilitate manual or mechanical work. 2. a. A machine, such as a lathe, used to cut and shape ...

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Oct 2, 2013 ... Yes, tool in this context means that IBM can use him whatever way they choose, that he is obedient. It's usually used, though, in a context where ...

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Computer dictionary definition for what tools means including related links, information, and terms.

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a tool. an offensive comment, mainly aimed towards the male of the species, when one is being particularly nasty, stupid, or facetious. God, Evan is such a tool !

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1a : a handheld device that aids in accomplishing a taskb (1) : the cutting or shaping part in a machine or machine tool (2) : a machine for shaping metal ...

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Definition of tool: An item or implement used for a specific purpose. A tool can be a physical object such as mechanical tools including saws and hammers or a ...