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In computer science, a Uniform Resource Characteristic (URC) is a string of characters representing the metadata of a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), a string ...

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Computer dictionary definition for what URC (Uniform Resource Characteristics) means including related links, information, and terms.

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URCs are Documents The notion of Uniform Resource Characteristics (URCs) has ... In all cases, however, a URC can be considered a document, and therefore ...

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A URN is associated with another concept called Uniform Resource Characteristics (URC), which allows descriptive information to be associated with a URN, ...

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22. Apr. 2014 ... URC. Der Uniform Resource Identifier (kurz URI) dient zur Identifizierung einer .... URC steht für Uniform Resource Characteristic und ist ...

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Nov 11, 1996 ... There is no central URC service, instead URCs provide a standard ... Uniform Resource Characteristics (URCs) - http://www.acl.lanl.gov/URC/.

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The partitioning of the functionality in this architecture is into uniform resource names (URN), uniform resource characteristics (URC), and uniform resource ...

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The only such additional space ever proposed was Uniform Resource Characteristics (URC) and there never was any buy-in; so without loss of generality, ...

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May 6, 1996 ... Other elements in the URI architecture include location (URL) and description/ metadata (URC, or Uniform Resource Characteristic). A URN ...

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Dec 19, 1998 ... Users of the Web are familiar with URLs, the Uniform Resource Locators. ... URNs - Uniform Resource Names; URCs - Uniform Resource Characteristics ... A URL, URN or URC must each follow a more class specific syntax, ...