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American Adoptions is a full-service adoption agency that provides domestic adoption services, unplanned pregnancy counseling and home study resources.


Choose your agency based on the programs they offer and your feelings of comfort and trust in them. After your choice has been made, get to know your agency!


Learn the difference between a public and private adoption agency and the options that are available to parents who are looking to create or expand their family.


You can learn more about the children by contacting the public or private agencies in your community. A list is available asking for adoption information on the ...


Not all adoption agencies are alike, so you'll want to choose carefully. Some handle the entire adoption process, helping you throughout. Others expect you to .


With most agency adoptions, a child is already legally free for adoption before a placement occurs. While cases where a parent changes his/her mind (usually ...


A Family For Every Child's Adoption Agency helps Oregon and Washington Families get involved with children so they can go from foster care to adoption.


Learn how to research and choose an adoption agency to help you adopt a baby or child.


Find adoption agencies in the U.S. specializing in domestic or international adoption in your state by searching this national directory.