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A freak show is an exhibition of biological rarities, referred to as "freaks of nature". Typical ..... On The Guardian, Chris Shaw however comments that "one man's freak show is another man's portrayal of heroic triumph over medical adversity" and ...


A male driver of any age characterized by an excessively large and high cowboy hat visable through the back window of what is typically a tricked out dualie ...


ANNEX – In the case of a sideshow, another name for the area where the blowoff is located. ARMLESS WONDER – A performer without arms, usually doing his ...


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Jan 9, 2006 ... Collectors now buy and sell photographs of former sideshow "freaks" — but who were these people? ... and another who was hidden from view, supplying the other two. ... "'The Chinese Giant' would sign his name in Chinese.


Freak show definition, a display of people or animals with unusual or grotesque ... freak show, then, by its very name should be his crowning achievement.


Circus freaks synonyms, Circus freaks pronunciation, Circus freaks translation, ... modern American counterculture assemble and learn from one another.


Define Circus freak. Circus freak synonyms, Circus freak pronunciation, Circus freak translation, English dictionary definition of Circus freak. freak show.


Some call them circus freaks, human oddities and monsters - but they are truly human marvels.


A small show offered in addition to the main attraction, as at a circus. 2. A diversion or spectacle that is incidental to a larger set of circumstances or a bigger ...