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Do the Amish have thier own religion? If so, what is it based on? If not, what religion do they practice? Also, are the Amish considered a "race"?

What Is a Fundamentalist - Hamilton Square Baptist Church


It is not Amishism or Ludditism. (referring to those who resist progress in technology). 3. Biblical separation is based on biblical commands and principles, not ...

The Dangers of Antigroupism | The Heartbeat of the Remnant


We could say, for example, that we are concerned about the danger of anti- Amishism. Or, we could say, we are concerned about the danger of anti- Baptistism or ...

The Shit List


Amishism, This shit is good for the soil. 70. Einsteinism, Shit is relative. 71. Einsteinism, The faster the shit, the bigger it is. 72. Freudism, Shit is a phallic symbol.

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We receive a lot of questions about the Amish. Here are some frequently asked questions that are not covered elsewhere.

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I guess there is still time to profess Amish-ism and reject all 'worldly' media . . . but even then it would be difficult to not see ANY news. Plus, I like being warm, ...

Breaking Amish: One Ex-Follower's True Story of Moving to the Big ...


Sep 9, 2012 ... TLC's Breaking Amish attempts to shed light on the secretive Amish community. The reality series will follow five people from Amish and ...

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cool, good, amazing. also used as a greating to close friends.

Urban Dictionary: nazi


An acronym for National Socialist; from the German NAtionale soZIalist. Refers to members of the National Socialist party, or anything to do with t...

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Sep 5, 2011 ... People have converted to those last three, and there are sects of Christianity — I think it's the case with Amishism — that are effectively not ...

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Extreme Radical Amishism on the Rise? | The H2: Remembering ...


Jan 10, 2015 ... I think this pretty much sums it up for me. The one question I have for the Islamists that think it's ok to kill for being offended is: Why can't the ...

16 things you didn't know about Amish people - Matador Network


Mar 31, 2014 ... People practice 'Amishism' differently in different parts of the country. Where some extreme groups ban colors and belts from their wardrobe, ...

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Well, one thing led to another and they got hitched after he, a man by the name of Ernest Vuggnutz, agreed to convert to Amishism and to play the kazoo. Now ...