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In mathematics, an extraneous solution (or spurious solution) is a solution, such as that to an equation, that emerges from the process of solving the problem but ...


Sal solves the following equation and eliminates the resulting extraneous solution: (x^2)/(x+2)=4/(x+2).


In this article we will practice some problems that involve thinking about the conditions for obtaining extraneous solutions while solving radical equations.


Practice some problems that involve thinking about the conditions for obtaining extraneous solutions while solving radical equations.


Extraneous Solutions. An extraneous solution is a root of a transformed equation that is not a root of the original equation because it was excluded from the ...


A solution of a simplified version of an equation that does not satisfy the original equation. Watch out for extraneous solutions when solving equations with a ...


Extraneous solutions occur because we perform extraneous operations. ... BUT we know that x = 4 is not in the domain of the equation, hence cannot be a ...


In this lesson you will learn to identify extraneous solutions in rational equations by checking solutions.


Extraneous solutions of an equation are EXTRA solutions that work in subsequent equations that are obtained in trying to solve an equation, but that do NOT ...


Apart from the case in this example, where the sum of numerators in ... Extraneous" solutions occur because when we analyze problems, simplify ...