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Clothing is fiber and textile material worn on the body. The wearing of clothing is mostly ..... Common sportswear garments include shorts, T-shirts, tennis shirts, leotards, ... In some cases, people wear an item of clothing until it falls apart.


In the context of clothing, a wrap can refer to a shawl or stole or other fabric wrapped about the upper body, or a simple skirt-type garment made by wrapping a piece of material round ... [hide]. v · t · e · Clothing · Historical clothing • Traditional and national clothing · Tops · Blouse · Cache-cœur · Cardigan · Crop top · Dress ...


a casual item of clothing, a top with no sleeves; the top of a ship's bilge tank, usually the lowest horizontal surface on board ...


Women's Clothes Directory T : Guide to Women's Fashion That Starts with the Letter T. ... This section of the women's clothing guide is for finding clothes and fashion accessories that starts with the letter T. Are their ... Two Piece Swimwear.


Tank tops, t-shirts, tuxedo, tube socks, tube top, track pants, (or shorts), thongs, tote bag, toque, tie, tap shoes, toe shoes.


Clothes Vocabulary Wordlist, Wordbank. ... T. T-shirt tam tank top teddy threads tiara tie tie clip tights toga togs top. T Cont. top coat top hat train trench coat


clothing beginning with T: t-shirt tights tam (small hat, much like a beret) tie tankini (type of 2-piece woman's bathing suit) tennis dress toga turtleneck tutu ( ballet ...


5 letter words starting with t. 553 words. tabby · taber · tabes · tabid · tabla · table · taboo · tabor · tabun · tabus · taces · tacet · tache · tachs · tacit · tacks · tacky


It can of course be very important to know about certain items of clothing: perhaps ... T-shirt. Blouse Suit Tie Dress Skirt Mini skirt. Sweater Cardigan Jacket Coat


Name an article of clothing that starts with "I". ... You don't have one on your desk ? ... I suspect in-soles and in-socks won't count. .... Muslim pilgrims to Mecca, consisting of one piece of white cotton arround the waiste and hips ...