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10 Ideas for Non-Digital Family Fun on Road Trips - FamilyLife


10 Ideas for Non-Digital Family Fun on Road Trips ... in the family car, having things to do always helps the trip pass more quickly and makes things ... If a family member incorrectly calls a mile marker (it turns out to be another kind of sign, etc.) ...

55 Ways to Enjoy a Long Car Ride - Tripbase


Ever get bored on those long road trips – or worse – do your kids? Here are 55 games and activities that ensure your next one will be more fun! ... two things has to be able to think of a connection when challenged by another player, or… he…

30 Insanely Easy Ways To Make Your Road Trip Awesome


Jun 25, 2013 ... And bring along a whole bunch of stuff to use with it. And bring along a ... Play a movie soundtrack to make it feel like you're in a road trip film.

20 best ideas, activities, and resources for road trips with kids


Mar 12, 2014 ... links to the best activities, snacks, and tips for road trips with kids! ..... You lucked out finding another mom and kid – it's always more fun for kids ...

Road Trip Games - FUN STUFF TO DO


A list of free fun road trip games, activities, snacks and other cool ideas ... The next person repeats the opening sentence + the item and then adds another item.

What are some fun things to do on a road trip? | HowStuffWorks


Read about fun ways to spend your time on a road trip at HowStuffWorks. ... view is one thing, but sharing it with new people is another experience altogether.

9 things NEVER to do on a road trip - Skyscanner


Aug 13, 2014 ... Don't let your road trip adventure turn into a disaster by following these tips! ... From forgetting your map to ending up in prison we reveal the nine things NEVER to do on a road trip and how to ... Sorry for spoiling the fun, but surely a bit of forward prep is better than driving for .... I'll give you anoth...

50 Road Trip Ideas For Kids / Six Sisters' Stuff


Jun 21, 2012 ... ... Road Trip expert! She gave me a couple of ideas and activities to help keep kids busy. ... Also, if you have any road trip tips, I would love to hear them! Feel free to ... You might try google maps or mapquest.com for fun ideas. 10. Go to your .... Another special treat that my kids like are Ring Pops. They last ...

How to Plan a Cheap Road Trip With Multiple Stops - Tips & Ideas


road trip Looking to take a fun, memorable vacation? This year, you may want ... applying the bulk of your trip money toward those prioritized activities, and keep .... Rather than flying from one destination to another, traveling by car allows you  ...



Road Trip Planning: What Do You Need to Make Your Vacation Truly Great? Road trip planning, like many things in life, is harder than it looks. The fantasy is the ... Creating your own soundtrack is another key to a fun road trip. Whenever you ...

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10 Ways to Entertain Yourself During a Road Trip | Ziptopia - Zipcar


If you're looking to stave off boredom on a road trip, you've probably got a small arsenal of ... Your pals can keep things interesting while you keep your eyes on the road. 1. ... Opt instead for podcasts: Maximum Fun serves up offbeat comedy, while Nerdist's .... 10 Things to Do on Black Friday Besides Shop | City Living.

50 fantastic road trip activities for kids - Meraki Lane


Mar 17, 2016 ... If you're looking for road trip ideas while you travel this ... explained a million times that I refuse to take another road trip after this happened to my ... kids activities books that will give you HEAPS of fun activities to do with your ...

18 Road Trip Hacks That Will Actually Make Your Trip Awesomer


Nov 1, 2013 ... The Great American Road Trip can become even greater when you ... Google Maps is awesome for driving directions, but it's infinitely more fun to track your progress on a ... and they'll lead you to the best activities once you break the ice. ... Continue another hour north (on the much busier State Route 75) ...