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For other uses, see Tank top (disambiguation). Tye dyed sleeveless shirt. A sleeveless shirt is a shirt manufactured without sleeves, or one whose sleeves have been cut ... Another term is singlet, ...

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I guess the term "wife-beater" came about when more-than-a-few proponents of ... "Tank top" can really refer to any sleeveless shirt so it's not very precise. .... Sadly, the only other name *I* know for these is just about as ...

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Mar 8, 2011 ... When JWoww and Snooki saw the shirt, the word they used to refer to it got ... ( You might also know it by its other offensive name, a wifebeater.) ...

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May 13, 2005 ... First, we must address the origins of said “wife beatershirts. Whether or not you know it, the ... She'll call you a name. And the rest, my ... Women in wife-beaters, well, that's another story altogether. And I think we all know ...

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Jan 30, 2013 ... I was a li'l nonplussed to find out that the word wifebeater can mean .... On the other hand, if wifebeater as a shirt is not attested earlier than ...

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Nov 29, 2002 ... When a word or phrase that's been floating around in the culture finally lands in ... Legitimizing the use of 'wife beater' to describe a type of undershirt worn by ... The shirts have shown up on bad boys Tommy Lee, Kid Rock and Snoop ... "The subtext is that Stanley Kowalski and other working-class me...

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The slang word / phrase / acronym wife-beater means. ... Before wearing a wife- beater as one's only shirt became a popular style, the stereotype existed that they were worn primarily by alcoholics or people who ... Other terms relating to 'beat':.

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Tank top style undershirts for men are called "wife-beaters" because they appear in ... Thank goodness I now have a non-slur word to use (A-shirt or sleeveless ribbed ... the only words for the garment I ever heard as a child insult other people.

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Sep 19, 2012 ... Another term, used in Britain, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, is singlet. ... Are 'tank', 'tank top', 'muscle shirt' and 'A-shirt' the same ?

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Jun 1, 2007 ... Are 'tank', 'tank top', 'muscle shirt' and 'A-shirt' the same ? ... the same thing and it is like an undershirt but you don't have to wear it under another shirt. .... As for " wife-beater" I only know this as the nick-name of a well-known ...

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Synonyms[edit] ... (a kind of sleeveless shirt): A-shirt, athletic shirt, beater, muscle shirt, singlet (chiefly Australia, UK), tank top, vest.

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Mar 19, 2009 ... What is the origin of the term wife beater shirt - trivia question ... teen as he struggles to evoke the blue-collar image of another time and place.

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Wife-beater definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, ... And Other Stories Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) ... Word Origin . fr the stereotype that the shirts are worn predominantly by men who beat their wives.