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Polaris, designated Alpha Ursae Minoris commonly the North Star or Pole Star, is the brightest .... Another Latin name is stella maris "sea-star", which, from an early time, was also used ...

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Another name for the North Star is Polaris. Polaris is approximately 323 light years from the Earth, and it has the brightness of 2500 suns....

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Definition 1: the brightest star in Ursa Minor; at the end of the handle of the Little Dipper; the northern axis of the earth points toward it - [noun denoting object] ...

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Feb 5, 2014 ... Polaris, also known as the North Star, Northern Star or Pole Star, is the .... A brand new single, another fragrance and THAT Vegas residency: Why ... Knight's son refuses to remove soul singer's name from his 'chicken and ...

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May 24, 2016 ... The North Star or Pole Star – aka Polaris – is famous for holding ... won't see a pole star appreciably close to the south celestial pole for another ...

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Polaris is another word for the North Star.

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North Star synonyms, North Star pronunciation, North Star translation, English dictionary definition of North Star. n. See Polaris. n the North Star another name ...

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Its name comes to us from Latin Stella Polaris, meaning "Pole Star". Polaris is our Pole star, situated at the north pole it never sets and as Wikipedia ... Another version of this story has it that the oxen were tied to the polar axis and were driven ...

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The Earth spins on its "axis". This axis is an imaginary line running through the Earth. If you were to be high above the Earth, looking straight down along the axis ...

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Were you wondering about the North Star? Firstly, you might expect one of the most famous stars in the night sky to be one of the brightest, but it isn't; not by a ...

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Paul has been campaigning heavily in the North Star State, and is hoping to take advantage of its quirky ... the North Star, another name for Polaris (sense 1).

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May 7, 2012 ... Polaris (the North Star) sits directly above the North Pole. ... in truth, the North Star, which goes by the name of Polaris, is a star of only medium ...