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Blockbusting was a business process of U.S. real estate agents and building developers to ... Given then-standard banking criteria for mortgage-lending, black people usually did not qualify for mortgages ... Instead, they resorted to land installment contracts at above market interest rates to buy a house; ... References [edit].


Definition of blockbusting: The illegal and discriminatory practice of helping ... mortgage ... Many methods of making money in the property market have proven  ...


Mar 3, 2015 ... Mortgage brokers who had previously served as the gatekeepers of racial ... who were selling their homes at below-market rates, and they were ...


Blockbusting ... Ethics in the mortgage industry may seem like a complex issue, but it really ..... Is the ad referring to a low “payment” rate or a low interest rate?


In this lesson, you'll learn about redlining, blockbusting, and steering. ... to obtain a home loan, mortgage or other financial product because of a high default ... their property below fair market value by scaring them into believing that their home ...


Oct 6, 2015 ... link to the appropriate start time when referencing videos (e.g. on ..... spread to the entire mortgage industry, which was already rife with racism, ...


(Note that asset value is determined by current market value, not original cost) ... for a down payment on a home; Ability to qualify for a home mortgage loan (co- signer?) ... Explain the terms "white flight," "blockbusting" and racial "steering. .... Review college financial aid applications for references to assets and income.


The Underwriting Manual established the FHA's mortgage lending requirements, ultimately institutionalizing racism and segregation within the housing industry.


merely from the commissions available in a high-turnover market. .... including race-based state and federal mortgage subsidies); id. at 196-98 (describing ...... representative opposes a homeless shelter with reference to blockbusting); Laurie ...