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In mathematics, a boxcar function is any function which is zero over the entire real line except for a single interval where it is equal to a constant, A. The boxcar  ... More »

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The rectangular function is a special case of the more general boxcar function: rect ⁡ ( t − X Y ) = u ( t − ( X − Y / 2 ) ...

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Referenced on Wolfram|Alpha: Boxcar Function. CITE THIS ... From MathWorld-- A Wolfram Web Resource. http://mathworld.wolfram.com/BoxcarFunction.html ...

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It is also called the gate function, pulse function, or window function, and is ... SEE ALSO: Absolute Value, Boxcar Function, Fourier Transform--Rectangle ...

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w = boxcar(n) returns a rectangular window of length n in the column vector w . This function is provided for completeness; a rectangular window is equivalent to  ...

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This MATLAB function returns the rectangular pulse function.

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Oct 14, 2012 ... In this video segment, I will show how the Fourier transform of the boxcar function can be evaluated.

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On this page, the Fourier Transform of the square pulse (or box function) is derived. The result is the sinc function.

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The rectangular function is a special case of the more general boxcar function. \ mathrm{rect}\left(\frac{t-\tau}.

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Etymology[edit]. The graph resembles a rectangular boxcar on a railway line. ... boxcar function (plural boxcar functions). (mathematics) Any function whose ...