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Rectangular function


The rectangular function is a special case of the more general boxcar function: rect ⁡ ( t − X Y ) = u ( t − ( X − Y / 2 ) ...

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Referenced on Wolfram|Alpha: Boxcar Function. CITE THIS ... From MathWorld-- A Wolfram Web Resource. http://mathworld.wolfram.com/BoxcarFunction.html ...

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w = boxcar(n) returns a rectangular window of length n in the column vector w . This function is provided for completeness; a rectangular window is equivalent to  ...

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The prototypical fMRI experimental design is a "boxcar" design in which two .... line) is evaluated against a boxcar (square wave) reference function that has ...

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Etymology[edit]. The graph resembles a rectangular boxcar on a railway line. ... boxcar function (plural boxcar functions). (mathematics) Any function whose ...

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Oct 14, 2012 ... In this video segment, I will show how the Fourier transform of the boxcar function can be evaluated.

scipy.signal.boxcar — SciPy v0.17.1 Reference Guide


sym : bool, optional. Whether the window is symmetric. (Has no effect for boxcar.) Returns: w : ndarray. The window, with the maximum value normalized to 1.

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The rectangular function is a special case of the more general boxcar function. \ mathrm{rect}\left(\frac{t-\tau}.

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The FT of a centered boxcar function is a sinc function whose zero crossing are positioned are n/T, T being the width of the boxcar function. The modulus of the ...

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Jan 9, 2004 ... Boxcar averaging has, historically, been the method of choice for ... The impulse was applied to both the ERES and Boxcar math functions.

Boxcar function
In mathematics, a boxcar function is any function which is zero over the entire real line except for a single interval where it is equal to a constant, A. The boxcar  ... More »
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It is also called the gate function, pulse function, or window function, and is ... SEE ALSO: Absolute Value, Boxcar Function, Fourier Transform--Rectangle ...

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On this page, the Fourier Transform of the square pulse (or box function) is derived. The result is the sinc function.

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Aug 1, 2006 ... boxcar(w). function s=boxcar(w) % boxcar(w) = Rectangular function of width w % T. C. O'Haver, 1988. s=ones(1,w); ...