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A litter box, sometimes called a sandbox, litter tray, litter pan, or catbox, is an indoor feces and ... Non-clumping cat litter is often made of zeolite, diatomite and sepiolite. The cat-box that t...

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Cat litter comes in a wide variety of materials with bases made from everything from clay to corn to crystals. Here's the scoop on some of the most common types  ...

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May 1, 2014 ... Today's pet parents have a lot of choices when it comes to what's in their cat litter. Understanding what cat litter is made of can help you pick the ...

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Caring for your kitty may have you wondering what cat litter is made of. Learn more about clay, silica, and natural litters to find the best fit for your cat.

How Cat Litter is Made: The Truth Might Surprise You


Aug 13, 2015 ... If you don't know how cat litter is made, it's important to get If you're a cat owner, one of the easiest ways to ensure your kitty has a smaller print ...

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H. Edward Lowe is considered the father of the cat litter industry. In January 1947 , Lowe had a thriving building supply business in Cassopolis, Michigan. One of ...

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Jul 19, 2013 ... Kitty litter made from grains such as corn or wheat is susceptible to contamination by aflatoxin producing Aspergillus. Grains are particularly ...



Apr 26, 2004 ... THINK INSIDE THE BOX Most "scoopable" litters are made of a highly ... For today's cat owners, cat litter is as much a necessity as cat food.

Clumping Clay Kitty Litters: A Deadly Convenience?


An article entitled "How Cat Litter is Made" appeared in Cat Fancy magazine ( October 1994). Shockingly, the article contains no cautions against the use of ...

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Jun 23, 2008 ... The conventional kitty litter consists of filler made from clay and/or sometimes silica. You know what silica is. Silica comes in those really small ...

What Is Cat Litter Made Of?
Cat litter is made from many types of materials, including different kinds of clay, corn, pine, cedar, recycled paper, nut shells and orange peels.... More »
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