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Wikipedia:Line-break handling


The <br> or <br /> tag is used for a single forced line break. ... of MediaWiki interface pages and can cause invalid HTML and problems rendering the page.

blank line - Empty paragraph tags - should I allow in HTML editor or ...


Up to now, I've always seen blank lines in HTML represented by ... need for a blank line between p elements seems to have been caused by ...

WordPress › Support » Blank lines at top of the HTML source code


I can't find and delete blank lines, which are at the HTML source code of your theme. XML parsing failed: ... Empty lines causes broken RSS. Resp. !doctype ...

Extra Spacing in HTML Source Due To Liquid Tag Indentation - GitHub


Dec 21, 2012 ... When I have my HTML source and Liquid tags indented properly for .... Liquid tags in my case cause blank lines at the beginning of an .rss file, ...

WordPress Strips Empty Blank Lines Which Effects Spacing


Dec 13, 2008 ... WordPress strips / removes blank lines while I add empty lines ... I do what I think should work based on html code, but no! .... code Which really screws up my businesses website because it causes misalignment with photo ...

HTML Paragraphs - W3Schools


... of lines in the source code, ... Use <br> if you want a line break (a new line) without starting a new paragraph: ... The <br> element is an empty HTML element .

A blank line at the top of my page - HTML / CSS - Bytes


HTML / CSS Forums on Bytes. ... of the screen, but I don't know what is causing it to appear. ... HTML code that could produce a blank line.

Never Ever Have Blank Lines Outside Your Wordpress PHP Tags ...


Mar 31, 2010 ... You'll notice that between the closing PHP tag and the following opening tag, there's a blank line. Gasp!! This is what was causing all the drama ...

HTML - How To Make 2 Blank Lines? - vBulletin Community Forum


I want to customize the maintenance text but for some reason the text is not showing up as it is in a HTML previewer. Code: Code:.

Disclaimer Or Signature Contains Line Spaces In Web-Based Mail ...


Cause This behaviour is due to the different ways that HTML source is ... that displays HTML mail within a web browser) will usually add a blank line to the end of ...

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html to skip a line (leave it blank) « WordPress.com Forums


At the end of the sentence before the blank line? .... latest post, your first paragraph is wrapped in div tags which is what is causing the issue.

How to make the editor stop removing blank lines - WordPress


There does not appear to be an option to turn "clean code" off. ... Proper HTML note here - You should NOT be using blank lines for formatting anyway. ... The double blank line issue, in the OP, however, is most certainly caused by WordPress, ...

Blank line before XML declaration (WordPress)


Blank line before XML declaration (WordPress) ... should be omitted from all PHP code files—modules, includes, etc. ... XML), and removing it helps prevent unwanted white space at the end of files which can cause problems with your feeds.