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Wikipedia:Line-break handling


The <br> or <br /> tag is used for a single forced line break. ... of MediaWiki interface pages and can cause invalid HTML and problems rendering the page.

How to insert a blank line in HTML - Quora


Jul 17, 2015 ... Me, I'd use an empty HTML paragraph element (with or without a non-breaking ... Is there a reason why some major websites (Amazon, Google) have huge numbers of .... Use the <br> empty tag and it will insert a blank line.

css - HTML <pre> tag causes linebreaks - Stack Overflow


That's because <pre> has a default style display: block , use in your css pre { display: ... Yes: that works for my Firefox - I had to include an extra newline at the end of each of the contents of the "pre". – monojohnny Nov 20 '10 ...

HTML - How To Make 2 Blank Lines? - vBulletin Community Forum


I want to customize the maintenance text but for some reason the text is not showing up as it is in a HTML previewer. Code: Code:.

Blank line before XML declaration (WordPress)


Blank line before XML declaration (WordPress) ... should be omitted from all PHP code files—modules, includes, etc. ... XML), and removing it helps prevent unwanted white space at the end of files which can cause problems with your feeds.

Empty cells in HTML tables


Nov 29, 2013 ... Empty cells in tables often cause problems to HTML authors. .... browser bugs in HTML parsing and other oddities, there should be nothing (not even a line break) between the <td . ... tag though, as in the example above.

Extra Spacing in HTML Source Due To Liquid Tag Indentation - GitHub


Dec 21, 2012 ... When I have my HTML source and Liquid tags indented properly for .... Liquid tags in my case cause blank lines at the beginning of an .rss file, ...

Never Ever Have Blank Lines Outside Your Wordpress PHP Tags ...


Mar 31, 2010 ... You'll notice that between the closing PHP tag and the following opening tag, there's a blank line. Gasp!! This is what was causing all the drama ...

HTML5 Style Guide and Coding Conventions - W3Schools


HTML Coding Conventions. Web developers are ... This attribute is important when the image for some reason cannot be displayed. Also, always ... without a reason. For readability, add blank lines to separate large or logical code blocks.

HTML Text Modification Characters & Tags - TedMontgomery.com


For special HTML characters, either the HTML code or the character code (if any) ... <BR>: forces a line break at that point, causing the text after the break to be ...

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blank line - Empty paragraph tags - should I allow in HTML editor or ...


As per HTML 4.01 on the p element, <p></p> is valid but should not be used, and ... So, at the moment, I have to tell CKEditor to include &nbsp; in blank lines (not its default setting for some reason) and, at the back-end, ...

A blank line at the top of my page - HTML / CSS - Bytes


HTML / CSS Forums on Bytes. ... of the screen, but I don't know what is causing it to appear. ... HTML code that could produce a blank line.

theme development - Unwanted blank lines before <html> tag ...


Jul 27, 2011 ... Unwanted blank lines before <html> tag. No problem. We won't ... In my templates file, header.php, I've a code like this (and is correct) <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC .... What is the reason to coddle an egg? Is it an Odd Word?