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All carbohydrates are made from carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. They have twice as many hydrogen atoms as oxygen atoms. The word "carbohydrate" is a combination of the names of these ...



Structure[edit]. Formerly the name "carbohydrate" was used in chemistry for any compound with the formula Cm (H2O) n. Following this ...

Carbohydrates - Chemical Structure (Page 1 of 3)


Chemical structure of carbohydrates. Monosaccharides (simple sugars), Chain and Ring forms, Stereochemistry. The structure of Sugar Alcohols, Amino Sugars,  ...

Chemistry for Biologists: Carbohydrates


Other carbohydrate molecules are very large (polysaccharides such as starch ... Monosaccharides have the general molecular formula (CH2O)n, where n can ...

Carbohydrates - RCN


Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates have the general molecular formula CH2O, and thus were once thought to represent "hydrated carbon". However, the ...

The Chemistry of Biology: Carbohydrates - Infoplease


The simplest biologically important carbohydrates are monosaccharides, meaning one sugar (mono = one, saccharide = sugar). The general formula for any ...

Structure and Function of Carbohydrates - Video & Lesson ...


Learn more about these three distinct types of carbohydrates, and how they are distinguished through their chemical structures in this lesson.



To recognize how carbohydrates function in living cells, we must understand their chemical structure. The structure of carbohydrates determines how energy is ...

Carbohydrate Molecules - Boundless


Learn more about carbohydrate molecules in the Boundless open textbook. ... Any of two or more compounds with the same molecular formula but with different  ...

Visionlearning | Biology | Carbohydrates


Learn about the role of carbohydrates as a macronutrient. Includes an comparison of the biochemical structure of simple sugars and complex carbohydrates. ... For example, the chemical metabolism of the sugar glucose is shown below:.

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Q: What is chemical composition of a carbohydrate?
A: the chemical conposition of a carbohydrate is carbon (C), hydrogen (H), and water (H2O) Read More »
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Q: What is chemical composition of a carbohydrate?
A: the chemical conposition of a carbohydrate is carbon (C) hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) Read More »
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Q: What is the chemical composition of carbohydrates.
A: A combination of carbon, hydrogen,and water. Read More »
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Q: Carbohydrates project, PLEASE HELP! what is the chemical composit...
A: Well generally C and H2O, often six sets, they form rings. Glucose H2 C = O OH C H H C OH OH C H OH C H C H2 OH Read More »
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Q: What is carbohydrates chemical composition?
A: A simple web search on carbohydrates will give you all you need. Try carbohydrates linked with a) uses in body b) sources c) chemistry and d) examples. Source(s... Read More »
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