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A command-line interface or command language interpreter (CLI), also known as ... the historical CP/M CCP, and MS-DOS/IBM-DOS/DR-DOS's COMMAND.

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n. pl. cli·nan·dri·a Botany. A hollow containing the anther in the upper part of the column of an orchid flower. [New Latin clīnandrium : Greek klīnē, couch (from ...

CLI — с английского на русский


1 CLI. прикладной программный интерфейс уровня вызовов; интерфейс командной строки .... cli — cli·na·men; cli·nan·dri·um; cli·ner; cli·ni·cian; … English ...

Command Line Interface Reference - Oracle Help Center


This appendix describes the Command Line Interface (CLI) commands available ... drive. hwActivation. mediaValidation. network. partition. reControl. snmp. ssh.

A Clinician's Complete Guide to CLAN and PRAAT Nan Bernstein ...


May 2, 2016 ... It should be located on your C: drive, perhaps like this, on a PC: ..... a um (.) dog . When a word or group of words is repeated several times with ... counted in analyses, there is an option in the Command line (type in +r6 along.

JACK Audio Connection Kit|Applications


... to every input port and squirts undesirable numbers (denomals, HUGE, NaN, Inf etc.) .... gAlan a modular synthesiser, drum-machine, sequencer and effects- unit. ... command-line instrument tuner. qjacktuner an instrument tuner for JACK.

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Table of command line interface (CLI) commands - IBM


Table 1. TS4500 command line interface commands categorized by management function ... Mounts a specified cartridge to the specified drive: moveToDrive.

AWS Command Line Interface - Amazon Web Services


The AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) is a unified tool to manage your AWS services. With just one tool to download and configure, you can control multiple ...

Beats Drum Machine


is a command-line drum machine. Feed it a song notated in YAML, and it will produce a precision-milled Wave file of impeccable timing and feel. Here is an ...