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duty of care. n. a requirement that a person act toward others and the public with the watchfulness, attention, caution and prudence that a reasonable person in ...

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duty of care. n. a requirement that a person act toward others and the public with watchfulness, attention, caution and prudence that a reasonable person in the ...

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Duty of care | the legal obligation to safeguard others from harm while they are in your care, using your services, or exposed to your activities | Definition, ...

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The legal definition of Duty of Care is An obligation to conform to a certain standard of conduct for the protection of another against an unreasonable risk of harm.

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Learn what constitutes the duty of care. Review the definition of the duty of care in the law of negligence and examine several examples to gain a...

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steps- 'duty of care -' to ensure that they are protecting the health and safety of ... What is my duty of care in managing mental health in the workplace?

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Duty of care refers to the circumstances and relationships which the law recognises as giving rise to a legal duty to take care. A failure to take such care can ...

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The teacher's duty of care to a pupil exists where there is a recognised teacher- pupil relationship. A teacher's duty of care means that a teacher has an obligation  ...

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This topic covers some of the issues around your responsibilities to your clients and to other workers. As a worker, you have a legal and moral responsibility to ...

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There is no limit to the kinds of accidents -- some pretty strange and many beyond one's capacity to invent -- that cause people injuries.

Duty of care
In tort law, a duty of care is a legal obligation which is imposed on an individual requiring adherence to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts  ... More »
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Definition of duty of care: The responsibility or the legal obligation of a person or organization to avoid acts or omissions (which can be reasonably foreseen) to ...

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We often talk of an employer's 'duty of care' to their employees. But just what does this duty consist of? Employers have a duty of care to their employees, which ...

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DefinitionThe duty of care stands for the principle that directors and officers of a corporation in making all decisions in their capacities as corporate fiduciaries, ...