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What Is a Cell Phone ESN Number?
The ESN, or Electronic Serial Number, is a permanent identification number used to recognize mobile devices accessing particular telecommunications networks. The ESN is assigned and embedded into a wireless communications device by the device's... More »
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Electronic serial numbers (ESNs) were created by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to uniquely identify mobile ... ESNs are currently mainly used with CDMA phones (and were previously used by AMPS and TDMA ... The first 8 bits of the ESN was originally the manufacturer code, leaving 24 bits for the ...


Anyone who has gone to eBay to purchase a cell phone may have seen the words "bad ESN" in a listing title or description. You may have also noticed that ...


Nov 13, 2013 ... If you're in the market for a cellphone, especially a used one, you'll hear a lot of talk about ESNs with an emphasis on whether or not the phone ...


Sep 17, 2013 ... An ESN is the electronic serial number assigned to your iPhone and is used with CDMA phones instead of SIM cards. There are several good ...


Our online glossary is here to help you make sense of the terminology used in the cell phone industry. It covers mobile technologies, such as 3G and 4G, and ...


If you're looking looking for the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment) or ESN ( Electronic Serial Number) number on your cell phone, you don't need to look far.

May 2, 2013 ... Defining ESN, What to be aware of when buying phones on craigslist, ... What about a t mobile phone, can it be used if it was reported stolen?.


A device with a bad ESN phone cannot since it has been flagged as stolen, ... If your cell phone is unlocked it can be used with more than one ...


Finding the ESN / IMEI / MEID tied to your device depends a lot on the device itself. In many cases, you can find the device identifier in any of the following ways:.