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A screwdriver is a tool, manual or powered, for turning (driving or removing) screws. A typical ... Proper use requires that the screwdriver's tip engage the head of a screw of the same .... The...

What is a flat-head screwdriver? | Reference.com


A flat-head screwdriver is a tool used to either tighten or loosen slotted screws with a single indentation in the head. Flat-head screwdrivers are available in both  ...

What is a Flat Head Screwdriver? - Auto Repair - About.com


The old flat head, or blade screwdriver is still around. From time to time you even need it to work on your car. Be sure you know its limitations, or feel free to ...

A Simple Guide to Flathead Screwdriver Sizes | DoItYourself.com


One of the most basic tools ever designed, a flathead screwdriver comes in a variety of sizes and lengths, with each meant to serve a particular purpose.

Klein Tools 4 in. Flat Head Screwdriver-6004 - The Home Depot


The 1/4 in. keystone tip of the Klein Tools 4 in. Flat Head Screwdriver is precision machined for an exact fit. Designed for demanding applications, the ...

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Screwdrivers are usually classified as flat head or cross-headed. ... use the correct type, since a mismatch may damage the head of the screw or the screwdriver.

Screwdriver Basics: How to Use a Screwdriver Correctly


Feb 18, 2010 ... This design allows a user to apply more torque than is possible with a flathead screwdriver. The depression forces the blades of the Phillips ...

Screw This, Screw That: Why We Have Different Types of Screws ...


Jan 21, 2011 ... If you've ever mistakenly grabbed the Phillips head screwdriver when you needed a flat head, you've probably asked yourself why there are ...

TEKTON 27008 5/16-Inch Flat by 6-Inch Pro Screwdriver [Older Model]


Product Description. An essential tool for professionals and DIYers, the TEKTON 5/16 in. Flat by ... Sturdy flathead screwdriver, does what a screwdriver should. Like the magnetic tip. Read more. 0Comment|Was this review helpful to you?

Amazon.com: Mini Small Flathead Screwdriver for Smartphones and ...


Product Description. A small 5/64 flat-head screwdriver that can be used in the repair of most modern electronics, smartphones and tablet computers.

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What are other names for a flat head screwdriver? - Quora


I've heard. Slotted screwdriver; Cabinet tip screwdriver; Standard screwdriver; Screwdriver (as opposed to Phillips screwdriver). Of course, flathead means totally ...

What are the main functions of a flat head screwdriver? - Quora


Ok, I'll bite. 1) To install slot head screws. 2) To remove slot head screws. 3) Various prying operations such as opening paint cans.

Is a flat head screwdriver called a standard screwdriver? | Yahoo ...


Aug 3, 2011 ... My shop teacher last year yelled at someone for calling a flat head screwdriver... well... a flat head screwdriver. He said it's called a standard ...