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An OTH is a form of administrative discharge. ... other-than-honorable or bad conduct discharge may qualify for VA ...


Define dishonorable discharge. dishonorable discharge synonyms, dishonorable discharge pronunciation, dishonorable discharge ... Kyodo news summary -3-.


Define dishonorable discharge: the ending of a person's service to the military because of unacceptable… — dishonorable discharge in a sentence.


Jan 19, 2011 ... Types of military discharges: Honorable, General, Under Less than Honorable, Bad Conduct, ... Military members who receive a Dishonorable Discharge forfeit all military and veterans ...... In summary, my questions are: 1.


Dishonorable discharge definition, the discharge of a person from military service for an offense more serious than one for which a bad-conduct discharge is ...


Jul 4, 2015 ... If an enlisted person received less than an honorable discharge ... Summary courts do not have the authority to impose a punitive discharge.


To receive a dishonorable discharge one must be found guilty of an offense by a ... administrative punishment, administrative separation, summary court martial, ...


Dec 9, 2013 ... Since 2001, more than 100000 troops have left the military with an other-than- honorable discharge. The "bad paper" puts benefits and medical ...


Other than honorable discharge: This is the worst type of administrative discharge you can receive. Other than ... Summary courts can't impose discharges.