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Ingenuous definition, free from reserve, restraint, or dissimulation; candid; sincere . See more.

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1 obsolete : noble, honorable. 2 a : showing innocent or childlike simplicity and candidness <her ingenuous thirst for experience — Christopher Rawson> b ...

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Someone who is ingenuous shows a childlike innocence, trust, and openness. One of the things kindergarten teachers value is the chance to work with kids ...

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Be careful with ingenious and ingenuous. Sometimes a single letter can make a great deal of difference to the meaning of a word. Take, for example, the two ...

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If you picked the second one, give yourself a gold star. Ingenuous means innocent, artless, simple. It could be a compliment or an insult, but it does not somehow ...

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Lacking in cunning, guile, or worldliness; innocent or naive: I'm not so ingenuous as to believe everything he says. See Synonyms at naive. 2. Straightforward or ...

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Synonyms for ingenuous at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day.

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(Of a person or action) innocent and unsuspecting: he eyed her with wide, ingenuous eyes she's staggeringly ingenuous, or possibly very cunning indeed.

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Ingenuous | naive, artless, or innocent | Definition, pronunciation, examples & translations.

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Jul 30, 2012 ... In yesterday's post, I wrote about ingenious vs. ingenuous and mentioned that a lot of people don't seem to realize there are two different words ...

free from reserve, restraint, or dissimulation; candid; sincere.
artless; innocent; naive.
Obsolete. honorable or noble.
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ingenuous | Define ingenuous at Dictionary.com
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