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A company is said to be thinly capitalised when its capital is made up of a much greater ... and ultimately repaid, it means that the providers of capital are ultimately competing with the company'...

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1. In accounting, it is where costs to acquire an asset are included in the price of the asset. 2. The sum of a corporation's stock, long-term debt and retained ...

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Nov 13, 2010 ... An item is capitalized when it is recorded as an asset, rather than an expense. This means that the expenditure will appear in the balance sheet ...

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Definition of capitalization (cap): Accounting: Recording of a cost as a fixed asset (written off as depreciation over several accounting periods) instead of an ...

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Fixed assets such as equipment and fixtures are commonly capitalized. ... Asset capitalization doesn't mean you never "expense" the cost of an asset. It means ...

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Capitalizing a fixed asset refers to the accounting treatment reserved for the purchase of items to be used in the operation of the business. The process entails ...

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Capitalize definition, to write or print in capital letters letters or with an initial capital letter. See more.

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cap·i·tal·i·za·tion n. 1. a. The practice or act of capitalizing. b. The sum that results from capitalizing. 2. a. The amounts and types of long-term financing used by a ...

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Definition of capitalize: To classify a cost as a long-term investment, rather than charging it to current operations. A capitalized cost does not...

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Capitalisation is the addition to the balance sheet as an asset of an amount that ... It can therefore be regarded as acquiring an asset (the definition of an asset is  ...

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The word capitalize means to record the amount of an item in a balance sheet account as opposed to the income statement. (The accounts in the general ledger ...

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Jun 20, 2012 ... Capitalization is the recordation of a cost as an asset, rather than an expense. This approach is used when a cost is not expected to be entirely ...

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Capitalization means using capital, or upper-case, letters. Capitalization of place names, family names, and days of the week are all standard in English.