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Student orientation


Student orientation or new student orientation is a period of time at the beginning of the academic year at a university or other tertiary institution during which a ...

What is orientation? definition and meaning - BusinessDictionary.com


Definition of orientation: Human resource management: An introductory stage in the process of new employee assimilation, and a part of his or her continuous ...

What is job orientation? definition and meaning


Definition of job orientation: A part of the orientation process in which a new employee is introduced to coworkers, and is given information such as working ...

How to Prepare for a New Job Orientation - Job Searching - About.com


Here's what you need to know about a new job orientation, what it is and how it works, plus information on how to prepare.

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Orientation definition, the act or process of orienting. See more.

What Is Orientation?


What is UCSB Transfer Orientation? Transfer Orientation is a one-day visit to UCSB where you'll have the opportunity to: Receive extensive academic advising  ...

What is Orientation and why is it mandatory? - Ball State University


Orientation is a program all freshmen must attend prior to enrolling in classes at Ball State University. The two-day program runs in June and July for students ...

What Is Orientation in the Workplace? | Chron.com


Organizations typically institute an orientation process to help make the transition as smooth as possible. A successful orientation program consists of specific ...

Why is Orientation Important? | Office of Human Resources | Oregon ...


Orientation is important because it lays a foundation for the new employee's entire career with the department. First impressions are important since they ...

Employee Orientation - Human Resources Management for Employers


Employee orientation is part of a long-term investment in a new employee. It is an initial process that provides easy access to basic information, programs and ...

[awr-ee-uhn-tey-shuhn, -en-, ohr-]
the act or process of orienting.
the state of being oriented.
an introduction, as to guide one in adjusting to new surroundings, employment, activity, or the like: New employees receive two days of orientation.
Psychology, Psychiatry. the ability to locate oneself in one's environment with reference to time, place, and people.
one's position in relation to true north, to points on the compass, or to a specific place or object.
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orientation | Define orientation at Dictionary.com
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