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Kolob is a star or planet described in Mormon scripture. Reference to Kolob is found in the ... According to this work, Kolob is the heavenly body nearest to the throne of God. .... However, the boo...

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Star definition, any of the heavenly bodies, except the moon, appearing as ... Astronomy. any of the large, self-luminous, heavenly bodies, as the sun, Polaris, etc. .... a planet, supposed to influence events, personalities, etc; (pl) another name ...

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Definitions and Synonyms of heavenly body | Another word for heavenly body | What is a heavenly ... Synonyms for heavenly body in the sense of this definition.

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Noun 1. heavenly body - natural objects visible in the sky celestial body natural object - an object ... ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:.

Rise/Set/Transit Times for Major Solar System Bodies and Bright Stars


Jul 29, 2015 ... Rise/Set/Transit Times for Major Solar System Bodies and Bright Stars ... Deneb, Fomalhaut, Hadar, Mimosa, Polaris, Pollux, Procyon, Regulus, Rigel, Rigil Kent. ... The place name you enter above must be a city or town in the U.S. The place's .... since then, with places shifting from one zone to another.

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Another name for it is Al Ghoul, the evil spirit. .... An alignment of seven heavenly bodies is an extremely rare event; so rare, in fact, that it may be we have never yet .... The next alignment will be with the North Star, Polaris, in about 2004 A.D..

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Layer six is called Ilhuicatl Mamalhuazocan, or "Heaven of the Fire Drill," which ... in which space and time were co-terminous, in which the heavenly bodies moved in fixed layers, ... The moon was another object of interest to the Mayans. ... fixed stars, rather than Polaris, around which the rest of the sky seemingly revolve...

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Mar 30, 2012 ... As it's name implies, it looks looks like, well, a large dipper used to scoop ... Like all heavenly bodies, the stars that make up the Big Dipper appear to ... Cassiopeia, another constellation that may be used to locate Polaris.

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The Mazzaroth, also known as the zodiac, is the name given to the pattern of stars .... Thus every star, no matter how dim, lies in one constellation or another, just as any ... For example, Polaris, the Pole Star, in the Northern Hemisphere, is the ... All the stars and other heavenly bodies can be imagined to be located on a  ...

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a a celestial body, esp. a planet, supposed to influence events, personalities, etc. b pl another name for → horoscope → 1. 4 an emblem shaped like a ..... 1 heavenly body. 2 big name, celeb ... lodestar, Polaris, Pole Star. English Collins ...

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Synonyms for heavenly body at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day.

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His model of the solar system and heavenly sphere was a refinement of ... was that his model could so accurately explain the motions of heavenly bodies, ... which in this case is the deferent, and another gear or motor takes the place of the ...

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any of the large, self-luminous, heavenly bodies, as the sun, Polaris, etc. ... another name for horoscope; an emblem shaped like a conventionalized star, usually ...