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If you are a trust beneficiary, what should you expect from your trustee? ... Under Washington law, a trustee is entitled to reasonable compensation for ... successor trustee for your living trust, it is advisable to discuss that appointment with the.

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However, most living trusts provide that a successor trustee shall receive reasonable compensation. When an attorney, bank, trust company or professional ...

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The Successor Trustee's Duties After Both Grantors' Deaths ... in the living trust and use it for both grantors' health care, support and welfare. .... terms of the trust document, to "reasonable compensation.



for free seminars on the benefits of a revocable living trust, or perhaps you've ... When the grantor relinquishes the trustee role, a successor trustee takes over. .... entitled to reasonable compensation for services, which is not to exceed three ...

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The successor trustee has no power over property not in your living trust and no .... entitled, under the terms of the trust document, to "reasonable compensation.

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Sometimes an irrevocable trust does not mention trustee compensation and the ... What Are the Duties of a Successor Trustee for Administrating a Living Trust?

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Q: My sister is named the Executor in my father's Living Trust in the state where he .... for removal of the Trustee and appointment of yourself as the successor Trustee. .... serves as the Executor he or she is entitled to reasonable compensation.

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Aug 9, 2013 ... If you have a revocable living trust, you probably named yourself as trustee ... document should provide for fair and reasonable compensation.

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trustee can reasonably rely on the terms of the trust. F.S. §518.11(2); F.S. .... If the compensation of the trustee is not specified in the trust document, the trustee is ...

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Most living trusts include language allowing fair and reasonable compensation that does not exceed the customary charges of corporate trustees in the same ...

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If the trust is a living trust, probate will be avoided for the assets held in the trust, and ... The Primary Responsibilities of the Executor and Duties of a Successor Trustee . ... A Trustee is entitled to receive “reasonable compensation” for services ...

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Check the provisions of the Revocable Living Trust to determine if the ... to what a reasonable fee should be for the services rendered by a Successor Trustee. ... fiduciary is entitled to receive compensation in accordance with it's published fee  ...

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Oct 23, 2012 ... Trustee Fees Most trust agreements state that the trustee is entitled to a ... a trustee is entitled to compensation that is reasonable under the circumstances. ..... and as successor trustee to his revocable living trust (beneficiaries ...

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If you have been named as a trustee or successor trustee for someone's trust, you may ... Today, many people use a revocable living trust instead of a will in their estate .... Yes, trustees are entitled to reasonable compensation for their services.

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(A common form of trust used in estate planning is a “revocable” or “livingtrust.) ... The fact that you have been named as a successor trustee in someone's trust ... Acting reasonably in the circumstances is your basic job description; if you do that, ... and expenses, including the source and amount of a trustee's compensat...