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A security clearance is a status granted to individuals allowing them access to classified information (state or organizational secrets) or to restricted areas, after  ... More »


THE SECURITY CLEARANCE. Eligibility for access to classified information, commonly known as a security clearance, is granted only to those for whom an ...


Answers to frequently asked questions about U.S. Government security clearances, the National Industrial Security Program (NISP), the Office of Personnel ...


How are you judged to be eligible for security clearance? Read up on the major guidelines that you should follow.


There's just one small matter: The position requires a US security clearance, and you don't have one. You may think that you can just apply for the clearance and ...


Security Clearances. Many people think that they can go to a company or agency and apply for their own security clearance. This is far from the truth. Only the ...


Background checks and security clearances for federal jobs. Everyone hired for a federal job undergoes a basic background check of his or her criminal and ...


Some positions at Northrop Grumman may require a security clearance. Learn more about security clearances.


A security clearance is an authorization that allows access to information that would otherwise be forbidden.


Many US government jobs require security clearance. Learn about the types of security clearances and the investigation process with these FAQs.