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Robbery cases can result in a major felony conviction in Michigan and often result in a jail or prison sentence. Unarmed robbery in Michigan can bring damaging ...

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While armed robbery is considered a more serious offense, both crimes carry significant penalties. In an effort to deter criminals, Massachusetts imposes harsh  ...

What is the sentence for unarmed robbery? | Reference.com


The sentence for armed robbery depends on the laws of the charging state, and the punishment varies from five years in prison to life in prison, as explained by ...

Michigan Criminal Law: Robbery; Unarmed Robbery | ccrslegal.com


Unarmed Robbery, MCL 750.530, & MCL 750.88 is a felony punishable, if convicted, ... It is a “C” grid for the purposes of sentencing; which means a significant ...

Illinois Robbery Laws - FindLaw


Armed robbery is what is considered a Class X felony. Depending on the nature of the armed robbery, the sentence can be anywhere between six years in ...

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In a criminal case, juries determine a defendant's guilt or innocence and judges determine sentences for the guilty. When crafting sentences, judges rely on the.

Penalties for Robbery, Armed Robbery and Aggravated Robbery ...


Penalties for Robbery; Aggravated Robbery; and Armed Robbery in Arizona. Robbery Sentencing Chart. Below are sentencing guidelines for robbery, ...

Arizona Robbery Laws - AZ Robbery Charge Penalties


Armed robbery seems self-explanatory; it is robbery while using a deadly weapon or a simulated ... Robbery charges in Arizona carry a presumptive sentence.

Massachusetts Sentencing Grid - Mass.Gov


40-60 Mos. 45-67 Mos. 50-75 Mos. 60-90 Mos. 80-120 Mos. 5. Unarmed Robbery. Stalking in Violation of Order. Unarmed Burglary. Larceny ($50,000 and over).

Section 19 : Robbery by unarmed person; punishment


Section 19: Robbery by unarmed person; punishment; victim sixty or older; minimum sentence for repeat offenders. Section 19. (a) Whoever, not being armed ...