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The singular possessive form of the noun army is army's. example: "The army's ammunition is on the way.".

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Collective nouns ( committee, team, squad, army, class, and the like) refer to ... Similarly, you need a singular possessive pronoun when the collective noun is ...

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Dec 30, 2010 ... Anyone want to coin a euphonic gender-neutral singular possessive? Sarah Turner on ... So I'd say Jury is, army is, team is etc. The BBC ...

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A possessive noun shows ownership by adding an apostrophe, an “s,” or both ( e.g. the bicycle is Sue's, not Mark's). Possessive nouns can be either singular or ...

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Third Person Subjective. Objective. Possessive. Singular. he, she, him, her, its who, whom. his, hers, its whose. Plural. they, them. theirs ...

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Some possessive nouns are actually personal pronouns. ... Rule #1: Making singular nouns possessive. Add an apostrophe + s to most singular nouns and to  ...

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army audience board cabinet class committee company corporation, council department ... How do you tell if a collective noun is singular or plural? What verbs ...

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United States is a singular noun and takes singular verb forms; for example, we say ... treated as a singular noun, it's treated as plural when made possessive. ... Another delicate issue here is the United States' role in the 1973 military coup.

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1 [countable + singular or plural verb] a large organized group of soldiers who are trained to fight on land The two opposing armies faced each other across the  ...

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If the letter before the -y is a consonant, change the -y to -i and add -es: army armies ... Generally, to make a singular noun possessive, you add apostrophe-s.

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What is the singular possessive noun for military - Answers.com


The singular possessive form is military's. ... The possessive form for the singular noun boy is boy's. Example: The boy's bicycle has a flat tire. 1 person found this ...

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Oct 23, 2007 ... Plural and Possessive Forms with Names Ending in y ... army / armies ... Rule: To show singular possession, use the apostrophe and then the s ...

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Military is almost always a singular word -- "The military is not interested. ... (with an "e," not a "t") -- and it might have meant gardens' (as in plural possessive), ...