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The singular possessive form of the noun army isarmy's. example: The army's ammunition is on the way..


The plural form for the noun army is armies. The plural ... The singular possessive form is heart's; the plural possessive form is hearts'. 3 people found this useful.


The singular possessive form is military's. ... The possessive form for the singular noun boy is boy's. Example: The boy's bicycle has a flat tire. 1 person found this ...


Jun 16, 1998 ... Military is almost always a singular word -- "The military is not interested. ... a "t") -- and it might have meant gardens' (as in plural possessive), ...


knife, knife's. knives, knives'. day, day's. days, days'. porch, porch's. porches, porches'. school, school's. schools, schools'. student, student's. students, students '.


Oct 23, 2007 ... Plural and Possessive Forms with Names Ending in y ... army / armies ..... However, “county's” is a singular possessive that cannot be correct ...


Q. When referring to “the corps” as in the Army Corps of Engineers or the Peace ... 7.19 for the possessive of nouns that are plural in form, singular in meaning.


Oct 16, 2015 ... *Three seems both unrealistic, and in the specific example I used you could make a case for adding a fourth United State's Army's but I think ...


A collective noun is a noun that can be singular in form whilst referring to a group of ... Groups of people - army, audience, band, choir, class, committee, crew, ...


certain words should be used with singular or plural verbs and pronouns. See also ... Moses' law, Socrates' life, Tennessee Williams' plays, Xerxes' armies.