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a substance used for washing and cleansing purposes, usually made by treating a fat with an alkali, as sodium or potassium hydroxide, and consisting chiefly of the sodium or potassium salts of the acids contained in the fat.
any metallic salt of an acid derived from a fat.
Slang. money, especially as used for bribery in politics.
Slang. soap opera.
to rub, cover, lather, or treat with soap.
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SOAP, originally an acronym for Simple Object Access Protocol, is a protocol specification for exchanging structured information in the implementation of web  ...

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This definition of SOAP explains what this XML-based messaging protocol is and how it works.

While I want to, I generally refrain from saying, "You don't know what you're talking about." Well...they're a little bit right...but the term glycerin soap is really a misnomer. I repeat, all real soap (not made with synthetic detergents) is essentially glycerin soap ... More »
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SOAP is an XML-based messaging protocol. It defines a set of rules for structuring messages that can be used for simple one-way messaging but is particularly ...

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SOAP provides a way to communicate between applications running on different operating systems, with different technologies and programming languages.

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SOAP is an acronym for Simple Object Access Protocol. It is an XML-based messaging protocol for exchanging information among computers. SOAP is an ...

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SOAP messages are independent of any operating system or protocol and may be transported using a variety of Internet protocols, including SMTP, MIME, and ...



SOAP provides the envelope for sending Web Services messages over the Internet/Internet.

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