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If it wasn't for jigs, crankbaits would probably hold the crown for best “year-round bait.” By changing your crankbaits with the seasons and water conditions, you ...


Mar 6, 2013 ... The rankings, along with the recommendations of our experts—plus some ... Lucky Craft Blade Cross, bass fishing baits, best bass baits.


Learn about the best bass lures for catching largemouth bass. ... Not only that, but the versatility of this bait is unmatched, making the Senko our number one ...

Mar 24, 2014 ... James Lindner and Jeremy Smith use the skirted jig to consistently bring in giant bass from Ice out in spring to Ice up in the North country.


Jan 31, 2014 ... curly tail grub, lures fishing, best baits for any fish ... Size: When angling for bass, choose a 4-inch model and pair it with a ½-ounce jighead.


Best fishing Baits for Bass. Tips about bass fishing, bass fishing lures, learn which are the best bass lures.


Then you'll review some of the best bass fishing tips, followed by a list of ... Their diet consists of bait fish, crawfish, frogs, insects, scuds, shrimp, small fish and ...


Get the right lure. There are three major types of lures that are the best for catching bass. You can get crank baits, spinner baits, and plastic worms. They can all ...


Feb 17, 2016 ... Take a look at our list of the 10 best bass fishing lures and catch ... We can't claim to know about every great bait on the planet, nor can we say ...


Fishing for bass can be overwhelming as you can choose from thousands of lures. ... Another good feature to look for on a crankbait is very visible eyes. Glowing ...