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Aries & Taurus
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When Aries and Taurus come together in a love affair, the partnership is a natural union of Love, represented by Taurus, and Passion, represented by Aries. This relationship is all about balance... More »
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What Zodiac Signs are Compatible with Aries-Taurus Cusps? - Buzzle


Jan 22, 2015 ... The Aries-Taurus cusp dates are generally regarded as 'April 19 to 23'. ... best if we were looking for the best match for an Aries-Taurus cusp ...

Does Being Born on the Cusp Affect Astrological Compatibility ...


If you were born on the Aries/Taurus cusp, you will have a steadying ... your added determination and groundedness, you'll be a good match for an earth sign , ...

Zodiacs For People Who Are On The Cusp - Tuttle's Techies


Taurus tends to be richly sensual, enjoying the good things in life and the physical ... An individual born on the Aries/Taurus cusp has the potential for great  ...

Aries Taurus cusp - Compatible Astrology


The moment of the Aries Taurus cusp is not related to calendar dates. It's not as ... Aries Taurus Cusp - the best guess approach. Another ... Aries compatibility

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All about Cusp Signs and the characteristics of those who are "Born on the Cusp" . ... Pisces Compatibility Chart · Pisces Horoscopes. aries and taurus cusp sign ...

Understanding the Aries Taurus Cusp - Trusted Psychic Mediums


When it comes to the Aries Taurus cusp the one key truth about the horoscope that I need to reiterate here is that there is no such thing as a perfect astrological  ...

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Find out what it means for compatibility, love and romance for men and ... What the 'Perfect' Female Body Looks Like Around the World (PHOTOS) The Stir ... Like other cusp signs, the Gemini Taurus cusp has qualities that they borrow from the .... Aries and Gemini: 12 Game-Changing Tips to Fight Less and Love More in  ...

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No other zodiac, be it what some astrology websites say best love matches for Scorpio being ...... I am taurusAries cusp dating a pisces – Aquarius cusp.

Simply Sun Signs: The Best Match for Your Sign


Knowing which match is best for you can be tricky to remember, so I made this ... Taurus - Virgo .... Labels: aquarius, aries, cancer, capricorn, gemini, leo, libra, pisces, sagittarius, scorpio, start here, taurus, virgo ... Where are the cusp lineups ?

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Q: What is the best match for an Aries Taurus cusp.
A: Ideally it would be either a Leo or Saggitarius aquarian. now if they were more like a Taurean then perhaps a Libra libra or a cancer. best matches for Aries ar... Read More »
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Q: Taurus aries cusp guy, whats my best match?
A: Taurus. (Aries site) http://www.free-spiritual-guidance.com/D…. (Taurus site) http://www.free-spiritual-guidance.com/D…. Read More »
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Q: What is the best compatibility for a Taurus/Aries Cusp?
A: Both signs have a bossy intolerance. You will meet who ever you are meant to learn life's lessons from. In order to be compatible first you got to be compatible... Read More »
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Q: What is the best match for a female on the Gemini -Taurus cusp?
A: Ignore the astrology. It can only lead you wrong. Make decisions for yourself - for good, intelligent reasons - and your love life at least has a decent chance ... Read More »
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Q: What are good love matches for aries-taurus cusp?
A: Well some astrologisy say I am on the cusp, my b-day is April 18 and my companion's b-day is April 20th and he is a cusp baby. I read somewhere that cusp babies... Read More »
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