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Chlorine is a chemical element with symbol Cl and atomic number 17. It has a relative atomic ... The boiling point at standard pressure is around −34 ˚C, but it liquefies at room temperat...

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Melting and Boiling Points of Chemical Elements: Quick Chemistry Facts. ... Chlorine, Cl, 17, 171.65 K, -101.5 °C, -150.7 °F, 239.11 K, -34.04 °C, -29.27 °F.

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The Element Chlorine - Basic Physical and Historical Information. ... Melting Point : 171.65 K (-101.5°C or -150.7°F). Boiling Point: 239.11 K (-34.04°C or -29.27°F).

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Chlorine's discovery, interesting facts, and properties - plus informative videos and comprehensive ... Melting point: -101 <sup>o</sup>C , 172 K. Boiling point: -34 <sup>o</sup>C , 239 K.

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Chlorine. Over 200 years ago, a young Swedish researcher, Carl Wilhelm Scheele, discovered chlorine. Because of its reactivity and bonding characteristics, ...

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Feb 25, 2016 ... Temperature can be measured in degrees Celsius, degrees Fahrenheit, or Kelvin . ... The boiling point of chlorine is –29.27 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Chemical elements listed by boiling point. The elemenents ... point, Name chemical element, Symbol, Atomic number ... Inventor surname, -35, Chlorine, Cl, 17.

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Chlorine molecules have the formula Cl2, bromine Br2 and iodine I2. ... melting and boiling points in degrees celcius: fluorine: -220 and -188,. Melting and ...

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melting and boiling points in degrees celcius: fluorine: -220 and -188,. Melting ... Fluorine is very pale yellow, chlorine is yellow-green and bromine is red-brown.

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These tables give the physical properties of Chlorine (Cl2) in the gaseous, ... Melting point : -101 °C; Latent heat of fusion (1,013 bar, at melting point) : 90.374  ...

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Element Chlorine (Cl), Group 17, Atomic Number 17, p-block, Mass 35.45. Sources, facts, uses, scarcity ... Period, 3, Boiling point, −34.04°C, −29.27°F, 239.11 K.

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Name: Chlorine Symbol: Cl Atomic Number: 17. Atomic Mass: 35.4527 amu. Melting Point: -100.98 °C (172.17 K, -149.764 °F) Boiling Point: -34.6 °C (238.55 K, ...

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Atomic Number, 17. Atomic Mass, 35.453 atomic mass units. Number of Protons, 17. Number of Neutrons, 18. Number of Electrons, 17. Melting Point, -100.98° C.