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Learn about the laws, penalties and civil consequences of a shoplifting charge in Arkansas. Find out if you can avoid a conviction and criminal record.

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Under Arkansas law, theft occurs when a person knowingly takes another person's ... unauthorized use of a vehicle; theft of leased or rented property; shoplifting ...

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Oct 7, 2012 ... My friend and I tried to be cool and walk out of Wal*Mart with a phone case (appx $54). I am the one who opened/concealed the case.

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Legal Help for Criminal Charges - Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Shoplifting Laws In Arkansas. I have been looking eveywhere online and can't find ...

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(d) (1) Upon probable cause for believing a suspect has committed the offense of shoplifting, a law enforcement officer may arrest the person without a warrant.

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Arkansas Penalties for Shoplifting. Security cameras, guards and anti-theft detectors play major roles in keeping track of store inventory. When someone walks ...

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Depending on the county you may be eligible for a diversion program to keep this off your record ...

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... Norwood is one of the best theft defense law firms in Northwest Arkansas. ... Should I Plead GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY To My Theft Charge? ... Shoplifting.

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Arkansas Shoplifting Laws 5-36-116. ... time by a law enforcement officer, merchant, or merchant's employee in order that recovery of a good or may be effected.

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Odds are with 2 felony convictions this gets updraded if they were .... It doesn't constitute a "strike" for the habitual criminal law in Arkansas, ...

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Q: What is are the shoplifting fines for arkansas?
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Q: What is the average punishment for shoplifting in arkansas?
A: The usual sentencing for a first-offense shoplifter includ... Read More »
Q: What charges do you get when shoplifting?
A: Depending on the value of the items stolen, you can be charged with either petty larceny or grand larceny. Read More »
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A: my wife was charged with shoplifting about four years ago we never received a court date so we thoght the charges were droped due to lack of evidence.she was in... Read More »
Q: What is the normal charge for shoplifting?
A: I have a friend who is a retail theft consultant and answers such questions privately for no fee. He says its not what will happen but what he can make happen. ... Read More »