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Get help. Find answers about Coinstar fees, kiosk locations, and NO FEE eGift cards. Find the customer service phone number.

How to Deposit Your Coins for Free at Coinstar - Debt Roundup


There are others like TD Bank which charges a fee to use the machine. ... Yes, when you use a Coinstar machine and want to get cash for your coins, they take ..... rates being just a couple) trust me they are working hard to take your money.

Unethically Hack Coinstar To Bypass 9% Fee - Gizmodo


Feb 20, 2007 ... Did you know Coinstar charges a 9% fee for sorting your cash if you're not redeeming it for a gift ... The ultimate guide to hacking a CoinStar machine [ Antiyawn via Gearfuse - Thanks Andrew!] .... Rates hit 2.75% APR (15 yr).

Petty or Not? Karen's $2.94 Coinstar Complaint – Consumerist


Sep 19, 2006 ... Having recently found out that Coinstar machines don't charge a fee if you turn your money into e-certificates for sites like iTunes and Amazon, ...

How Coinstar gets away with not charging a transaction fee


Mar 6, 2012 ... Coinstar charges a 10% fee – so why would I pay someone to give me $9 ... are something ATM machines should adopt to also have No Fees.

How to Cash in Your Change For Free with a CoinStar Machine ...


Mar 31, 2013 ... I'm sure you've seen CoinStar machines at your local grocery store and ... machine to get cash out since like you mention, they charge a fee of nearly 10%. ... I think the cost of a variety pack of 100 are like $1.00 at Wal-Mart or ...

Coinstar - Walmart.com


Coinstar kiosks at Walmart stores let you turn your coins into cash or no-fee eGift Cards from top brands. For cash, simply pour your coins into the machine and ...

Frequently asked questions Coinstar Ireland.


It's so easy to get cash with Coinstar. No sorting required ... How do I find my nearest Coinstar machine? It's easy. ... Is there a charge to use a Coinstar machine?

Coinstar Exchange Kiosks Take Your Unused Gift Cards for Cash


May 8, 2014 ... Coinstar's new "Coinstar Exchange" kiosks will give you cash for them. ... You can sell yours, and they handle shipment charges by you printing ... much you want, if you think it will sell, and they just take a percentage of that.

CoinStar is a Rip-Off - Consumerism Commentary


Mar 14, 2011 ... Many of these coin sorting machines are prone to error, too. ...... not worth the cost of the transactions fees that they charge, except for pennies.

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Coinstar Exchange Help Center


Get help. Find answers about Coinstar Exchange fees, kiosk locations, and gift cards accepted. Find the customer service phone number.

Avoid Getting Shortchanged at Coinstar | MyBankTracker


Taking your loose change to a coin counter machine is an easy way to trade it for ... Featured Rates ... will either ask you to roll the coins yourself or, like Coinstar, will charge you a fee for cashing in your change if you don't have an account.

Coinstar counting machines are great for cashing in on loose coins ...


Feb 25, 2010 ... Using a Coinstar counting machine to get cash for coins at your local ... If your time counts, these machines tally at a rate of 600 coins per minute and ... But there is no charge when you collect your booty in the form of a gift ...