Cording (dog grooming)

In animal grooming, cording is a technique in which dog coats are separated patiently into dreadlocks for coat care or presentation purposes. Some dog breeds ...

Cording your SWD - Spanish Water Dog Club of America

When cording for show, you must work with the coat Mother Nature gave your individual dog. Realistically, every SWD will cord slightly differently, and your own ...

Grooming information for the Puli - About Show Dogs and Dog Shows

The mythology surrounding the grooming of the corded Puli coat is truly an awesome creation. It is not, however, to be believed in most cases. The corded coat ...

Corded Havanese Dog Breed Information and Pictures

In a properly corded dog you can run your fingers through the coat and no cord will be attached to another cord and there is no restriction of movement.

10 of the Strangest Looking Dogs! | Dog Reflections - The Dog Guide

Feb 11, 2008 ... Actually many of the dogs on this list are rather unique in their appearance, ..... They can come in a corded coat type which really looks strange.

Isle of Dogs - Learn About Coat Types

Veterinarians and dog professionals can attest to the fact that a dog's coat can be .... (Examples include Pulis, Komondors, Poodles): The corded coat consists of ...

Puli - Dogtime

Puli. Best known for his long, corded coat resembling dreadlocks, the Puli is a hardworking herding dog and family companion. Energetic and lively, this moplike ... Is The Corded Coat In Dogs&v=ixHOwXaS9d0
Jun 27, 2010 ... He is now the first Grand Champion Corded Standard Poodle in AKC .... Well I must say I thought your dog had the coolest hair do and I was ...

Dog Coats and Grooming - - ACS Distance Education

There are many different types of coat in dogs, all having their different ... Dogs with corded coats require baths to keep their coats clean and odour free. Corded  ...

How to Cord a Poodle Coat - Pets

A corded coat takes time to start and maintain, but the unique look is worth ... Pick sticks and vegetation from the coat to keep the dog clean and free of debris.

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Q: What Are the Different Types of Dog Coats?
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Q: What dogs do not shed their coat?
A: Mexican hairless dogs, and other hairless dogs. But if your dog does have hair, then all dogs will shed their coat somehow. The long haired dogs have hair, the ... Read More »