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[dis-kon-tn-oo-i-tee, -yoo-]
lack of continuity; irregularity: The plot of the book was marred by discontinuity.
a break or gap: The surface of the moon is characterized by major discontinuities.
Mathematics. a point at which a function is not continuous.
Geology. a zone deep within the earth where the velocity of earthquake waves changes radically.
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Discontinuity (casting), an interruption in the normal physical structure or ... in physical or chemical properties in a soil or rock mass; Discontinuity (mathematics ), ...

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noun dis·con·ti·nu·ity \(ˌ)dis-ˌkän-tə-ˈnü-ə-tē, -ˈnyü-\. Simple Definition of discontinuity. : the quality or state of not being continuous : lack of continuity.

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dis·con·ti·nu·i·ty n. pl. dis·con·ti·nu·i·ties. 1. Lack of continuity, logical sequence, or cohesion. 2. A break or gap. 3. Geology A surface at which seismic wave ...

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Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference ... there is no significant discontinuity between modern and primitive societies.

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Definition of discontinuity: Unpredictable, unforeseen, natural or man-made sudden change, consequence, event, or force that confounds or disrupts earlier ...

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Some authors refer to a discontinuity of a function as a jump, though this is rarely utilized in the literature. Though defined identically, discontinuities of univariate ...



Algebra Help. Continuous Functions and Discontinuities ... In general, point discontinuities occur when a function is defined specifically for an isolated x- value.

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discontinuity. Play dis·con·ti·nu·ity. Use discontinuity in a sentence. pl. -·ties. lack of continuity or logical sequence; a gap or break; Math. a value of the ...

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A function is continuous if it can be drawn without picking up the pencil; otherwise , it is discontinuous. Function f(x) is continuous if , meaning that the limit of f(x) ...

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