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Aerobic exercise (also known as cardio) is physical exercise of low to high intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process. Aerobic literally means "relating to, invo...

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Aerobic-exercises definition, Also called aerobic exercises. (used with a plural verb) any of various sustained exercises, as jogging, rowing, swimming, or cycling ...

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home > medterms medical dictionary a-z list > aerobic exercise definition ... provides a comprehensive look at the who, what, when and how of Aerobic Exercise ...

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Achieving an "aerobic effect" can be defined as participating in a physical activity ... When performing an aerobic exercise an increase in your heart rate and your ...

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3 days ago ... Read about examples of aerobic exercise, its benefits (weight loss), the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and how to ...

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Aerobic exercise provides cardiovascular conditioning. The term aerobic actually means "with oxygen," which means that breathing controls the amount of ...

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Definition: Constant moderate intensity work that uses up oxygen at a rate in which the cardio respiratory system can replenish oxygen in the working muscles .

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of exercise : strengthening the heart and lungs by making them work hard for several minutes or more. : using oxygen. Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's ...

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In physical exercise, aerobic exercise is complementary to anaerobic exercise. Aerobic literally means "with oxygen", and refers to the use of oxygen in muscles'  ...

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Cardio exercise is any exercise that raises your heart rate. Learn about the definition and the benefits of cardio exercises.

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In this lesson, you will learn about the characteristics of aerobic exercise and its many health benefits. You will also read about examples of...

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Looking for online definition of aerobic exercise in the Medical Dictionary? aerobic exercise explanation free. What is aerobic exercise? Meaning of aerobic  ...

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Mar 4, 1998 ... What is Aerobic Exercise? The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) defines aerobic exercise as "any activity that uses large muscle ...