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The frost line—also known as frost depth or freezing depth—is most commonly the depth to which the groundwater in soil is expected to freeze. The frost depth ...


Your local frost line depth is a good example of this. In Atlanta, our frost line is 12" , meaning that nothing deeper than 12" below the surface of the ground should ...


When you excavate your footings you will need to dig below the frost line.This is the depth at which the moisture present in the soil is expected to freeze.


Around 48 inches ... CT minimum frost line depth is 42 inches ... Everything I read says to go past the frost line you must go 4 feet deep.


How deep and wide must my house footings be? That depends on the number of stories the house will be. A minimum of 12”inches deep for all footings and the ...


U.S frost lines. lightningwild posted "Found a map for frost depth, of course this is from 1988, and is approximate. This is a PDF file. I thought ...


extend to the depth of 10 ft (3048 mm) or more below curb grade, or,. 2. ... frost line of the locality, and spread footings of adequate size shall be provided where  ...


To determine the foundation depth, you must consider your local frostline. ... New Mexico 18 Anchorage, Alaska 42 Atlanta, Georgia 12 Baltimore, Maryland 18 ...


frostline - A dataset, API, and parser for USDA plant hardiness zones.


Forest Service, and the University of Georgia, College of Agriculture and. Environmental ..... Fieldwork by Richard A. Anderson and Louie W. Frost, Natural Resources Conservation. Service; Alan ... Atlanta and 10 miles south of the Georgia-Tennessee. State line. .... greatest Snow depth at any one time during the period.