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For another use of the term in the sport of cricket, see Bye (cricket). ... would produce a second round with five teams, meaning only four matches could occur.

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Mar 26, 2009 ... Where does this word come from ? (i know the meaning of bye as in goodbye, looking for the sport term ...

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The Online Etymology Dictionary. Search: Search Mode, Natural Language, Find single term, Find any term, Find exact phrase ... later, in other sports, "position of one who is left without a competitor when the rest ... shortened form of good-bye. Reduplication bye-bye is recorded from 1709, though as a sound used to lull a ...

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bye definition: The definition of bye is something that is not as important, ... (noun) When a football team has an off week and then advances to play a new team ... bye. Play [bī]. Use bye in a sentence. LINK / CITE ADD TO WORD LIST. noun.

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Bye definition, Sports. in a tournament, the preferential status of a player or team not paired with a competitor in an early round and ... Examples; Word Origin.

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Aug 10, 2010 ... Bye has multiple meanings, some related to sports. .... them by standing firm in our own faith and use this word Good bye with its true meaning.

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Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content. ... ally, Altai, apply, assai, awry, ay, aye, Baha'i, belie, bi, Bligh, buy, by, bye-bye, chi, Chiangmai, ... What do you find interesting about this word or phrase?

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Top Definition. bye. a nicer way to say "your f-ing ugly. get out of my face" ... bye. 1. a term used when parting. 2. a period of time in sports during the regular ...

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Similar Questions: genesis term bye sports chargers week play winner. Recent Questions About: ... Define Bye Week. Explore Define Bye Week

How did the term "bye week" as in American football come into use?

Oct 1, 2008 ... A bye, in sports and other competitive activities, most commonly refers to the practice of allowing a player or team to advance to the next round ...

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Nov 19, 2011 ... Duffer ran a bye, which brought the day's sport to a conclusion at half .... meaning , a pass), it does not resolve the question of why the word is ...

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Nov 3, 2014 ... In sports, a bye refers to a period when a team or player would ... in this post and then spend a moment on the word's history and derivation.

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Sports The position of one who draws no opponent for a round in a tournament and so advances to the next round. Idiom: by the bye/by. By the way; incidentally.

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Define bye: sports : a situation in which a player or team is allowed to go forward ... I am really looking if the expression 'bye word' is correct and what it means.

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Also the phrase "somone plays the bye next week" sounds strange to me. ... does this sports application have to the normal meaning of "bye", that is, "farewell", ...