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What Is the Difference Between Child Custody & Guardianship?
Child custody and guardianship are closely related legal terms that refer to an adult's rights and responsibilities regarding the care of a minor. Child custody and guardianship differ in the amount of decision-making power granted to the caregiver.... More »
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Jul 18, 2014 ... Guardianship and custody are similar but distinct concepts that describe the legal relationships between an adult and a child. Although often ...


Custody is a court-ordered arrangement providing for the care of a minor child by the parents. A third-party custodian may be appointed by the court if necessary ...


Differentiating between custody and guardianship can be complicated because they are essentially the same thing. One distinction is that family courts usually ...


Jun 13, 2017 ... While similar, there are important differences between child custody and ... state allows for both child custody and guardianship over minors.


Jun 6, 2017 ... While child custody provides rights and responsibilities to the parent of the ... What Are the Differences between Legal Guardianship and an ...


Custody can be restored to the parents by the court if the parent proves capable of caring for the child. Guardianship Guardianship is when a person is ...


There are differences between child custody & guardianship. A brief explanation of the differences between child custody & legal guardianship.


Temporary guardianships and custody are similar in that they both potentially allow one parent or a non-parent to make important decisions for a minor child.


Guardianship vs Custody When a couple decides to separate or divorce, the biggest problem that they will face is the question of who gets custody of their.