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The majority of courts classify engagement rings as a conditional gift, and ... engagement, the condition is not met, and the engagement ring is returned to the giver. ... person who caused the broken engagement to keep the engagement ring.

The Engagement Is Off -- Now What Do I Do with the Ring?


Apr 22, 2013 ... In some states, the engagement ring is viewed as a gift that a man ... to the relationship, the woman should be allowed to keep her gifted ring. ... laws of etiquette absolutely require you to return an engagement ring when the ...

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If the engagement is over, state law decides who keeps the engagement ring. .... a betrothed can keep the engagement ring or must return it -- have reached ...

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May 15, 2013 ... Following this, who gets to keep the engagement ring depends primarily on the ... He cancels the engagement and asks Jill to return the ring.

Who Keeps the Ring if the Wedding Is Called Off?


Although etiquette rules that an engagement ring should be returned when a wedding ... Bottom line: If you get dumped, you get to keep the ring in these states .

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Engagement Ring Etiquette - All You'll Ever Need To Know About Engagement and Wedding Rings Etiquette. ... Keep in Touch .... the ring. If the woman breaks off the engagement, the fiancé can demand its return and she should give it back.

Field Notes: If Things Fall Apart, Who Gets the Engagement Ring ...


Oct 3, 2008 ... WHEN an engaged couple breaks up, does the ring go back to the one ... called off, and when Ms. Bush did not return the ring, Mr. Tsai filed suit in ... was the one who broke the promise, then the recipient could keep it. ... Letitia Baldrige, the etiquette expert, said the person who breaks the engagement is ...

The Engagement Is Over, Do You Return The Ring?


Sep 25, 2012 ... In the case of etiquette versus the law, etiquette says that the ring should be ... An engagement ring is considered a gift, and you can keep it.

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If the marriage does not eventuate, then the gift has to be returned because the condition ... Some states treat engagement rings as consideration for a contract.

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If the bride calls off the wedding and her ring was a gift from the groom, it's appropriate for ... So if he breaks it off, she can keep the ring," Caroline explains. ... A. You are supposed to return all the engagement, shower, and wedding gifts you've ...

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Send the ring to his parents ...

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Jan 7, 2008 ... Conventional wisdom has it that a woman should return the ring if she cancels the wedding, but keep it if her fiancé makes the break. Etiquette ...

Who Gets the Engagement Ring If the Wedding is Called Off ...


When a wedding is cancelled, the law on who gets the wedding ring differs from ... The fiancé who bought the ring may complain that the gift should be returned, ... the fiancée who calls off the wedding is at fault and doesn't get to keep the ring.